1. Y

    scripting problem.

    Hey I have AMX Mod X studio but it is only SMA resistant. How I can let go run to SMA. Sorry bad english.
  2. M


    What is scripting?
  3. Skyrider

    Scripting to a new level?

    As I've heard yesterday. The scripting goes to a new level, a more advanced scripting. More in a way in using keyboard software in order to enhance your swooping. As I've heard, one of the Pro's in Earth Special Forces is using such keyboard tool. What do you think of it? I mean, What's up with...
  4. Spunky

    C# Scripting

    Ok, this was scripted BY HAND, and took me awhile. But I'm curious to know if it's clean code or not, so I'm gonna post the source here for examination. The reason I'm doing so is because I've lost my compiler, and until I can contact the one who gave it to me, I'm stuck without one. using...
  5. Skyrider

    Scripting, i've grown tired of it.

    Lately, more & more people are scripting in Earth Special Forces. And what do they say?, Etc, etc. But you're wrong, it is cheating if it does gives a disadvantage. I've simple grown tired of scripters. And i'm wondering if someone (or something :P) can do something it, such as making a...
  6. VeGeTTo


    can someone giv me some good script commands to make mee more eastyer player : i reaaly wont to know the command for 1 tab swoop and other thinkgs that my help me out (pls don't close it ! )
  7. K

    Scripting.. Exploting? (Again)

    If you didnt understand this Thread is about hearing people's oppinion about the scripting and exploiting in ESF. and if CODEMAN or whatever has useless stuff to say he can just keep it for himself.. and oh please dont warn me:'(... what will i do. let people say their opinion without your...
  8. K

    Scripting.. Exploting?

    What do you think about it.. Personally im quitting ESF.. the game has become to lame and boring.. whoopie lets all wait in our place blocking waiting to use another exploit and catch you! and then when they throw you and autohit , they will generic beam with turbo and kill you...
  9. T

    fx scripting system ?

    Just asking if every one is doing this fx scripting system at one time will it lagg every one ?It looks hard to understand .I guss i should wait for more info about it but just looks so cool .And #18 looks cool hot and sexy cant wait keep up the great work!
  10. RavenTrunks

    18 and fx scripting.

    Have you guys seen the news page on esf? The new fx scripting looks like an easy and powerful tool to use. it looks like you can change animations without having to use a model editer or whatever before. And im just speechless about this one o_O lookin good so far team. :yes:
  11. Kaination

    Action scripting for..flash

    Does anyone know action scripting for flash? All i need to know is how do you make a scroll bar? like on the right (or left) side on the web page, to scroll down and stuff. Any help?
  12. T

    VB Scripting help

    My server has Win98. For some reason it cant use VB script which is needed for the different amx, adminmods, and metamods. Is VB just something that cant be done on Win98. Where can i get VB scripting if it does work on Win98. And what are the "sv_" commands...and how do i make a rcon...
  13. Master Asia

    What is Scripting?! -fill me in

    I get called Scripter if not hacker by some people. Can some1 tell me what a script is, what it does etc? Arent scripts the .cfg files you place in your HL/mods folders and then you execute them in-game? If not then fill me in cuz i always thought they were just mere .cfg files but im...
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