1. Painkiller

    Vocal Scream

    Hey guys. Could you tell me the correct tehnique to scream like BFMV's vocalist?
  2. R

    I scream for strawberry icecream while texturing starscream

    blocking out the basics 1991 tris 2 512*2 maps self illum screengrabs
  3. E


    I realy need some new maps i got realy tired from playing with these maps that come with version 1.1 Can Anyone give me some links or just post some maps for me THANKS!!!
  4. Marauder

    Scorp wip

    made a scorpion model....just the beggining. i know i need to fix the tail, legs and claws abit, but im shoing u guys it asking, what else do u think needs improovment ? comments ;D p.s its supposd to be a robot scorp ^_^
  5. Death The Jedi


    I'm not done with it yet, but any critz?
  6. TimTheEnchantor

    Indy Art: In response to recent events..

    In response to recent events in war...etc.. I have created a indy art image. I may make a series of images called War Series, dealing with war and how it can be started.. I've been thinking alot on this subject of war, and it is quite scary. So protest it all you want if you have to, but face...
  7. Madd Dog

    Need Some Hurcule Picts

    Well i guess the topic says it all so yeah i need some pictures of hurcule for my new sig that is currently in progress. Any pictures if hurcule will do but preferably i need one doing a pose and one relexed. Any help will be apreated thoe.
  8. L

    Rate This

    I worked on it last night when i was bored lol. rate it not my best but i'nm at school and have nothing better to do
  9. SSJ n00b

    ssj2 majin vegeta pack

    Soccer u got a problem trans1 is a mp3 file and scream too thats the problem fix it:cool:
  10. Pommy

    Light Scream or Pommy?

    this wasn't my idea. it was light scream's :X
  11. Pommy

    Light Scream or Pommy?

    this wasn't my idea. it was light scream's :X
  12. Hsu

    new sig

    My new sig that I made. I had a few cowboy bebop cells laying around so i decided to use them. I think this is the best sig that I have made so far and if any of you remember my old ones I think you will agree.
  13. S

    Rotation Sigies

    Well I was wondering how Light Scream and Ak do that... Do I need a program or something?
  14. USJTrunks

    New siggy

    Do you like it?
  15. OneWingedAngel

    Sig help!

    what is everything i need to make a good sig like android and judge!? like everythin every file i need! please tell
  16. L

    New GFX Clan

    Ok after long thought about this judge and myself have decided to leave [SMC] and go on our own root. Through Extensive PM's we have talked about it and finally its coming out to the public. The new clan Is Called "Spiral Rift". Its the same as [SMC] but we're not going into the fancy website...
  17. D

    Attention All Members Of [smc]!

    ok, i am going to assign each member to a certain forum that they go to often... so, post here which forum you would like to be assigned to....