1. Damaera

    New Developers - Music Sample & New HUD I'm honestly not sure what to think of the HUD. While it shows that Mutsu has the talent to make a capable HUD, I honestly think it looks too generic. I personally think you guys should go for a more unique design that...
  2. S

    Sample of recent sketchbook D:

    Well, these are a few pages of my most recent sketchbook, I have lots more but on a lot of the pages there are quite a few "nude" figures which means Im not allowed to post them. Some are quite old and smudged, or incomplete, I was intending on using another page too but I had such a chore...
  3. W

    its a sample of the fighting for jinx's movie Hey wassup Jinx got me to do some fighting in one of his videos and he's gotten really good Check out what he did with our fight. Hope you all enjoy! :)
  4. BU-Master Roshi


    This thread will now be found at any forum i register to. Due to an action of another member one of my threads was closed. I really thausht i could delete this file and for get about it. But now after today I am findout that I will be needitg it. If you spam one of my threads you will recive one...
  5. SaiyanPrideXIX

    SaiyanPrideXIX's Music Pack Sample

    Hey everyone. I just got done uploading this mp3 clip last night to my personal webspace. I was originally going to show a friend but I decided to give everyone a taste of what the hell I've been up to. The following song clip is part of an unfinished track called "Desperate Minute." I'm...
  6. C

    Sample Sigs....

    I had a whole heep load in here, but I figured I would just post new ones up.
  7. E

    Sample work, please rate?

    here they are, just let me know what you guys htink =p. some splashs.
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