1. Nemix

    [Bored] Great Saiyaman

    SV's Great Saiyman: Credits: God Gundam Kama Eclipse Raven Blade SV
  2. SA_Gohan

    Chibi Saiyaman

    Adding another Gohan model into the fray, this one, as per usual, altered from the original concept. At this point I'd come up with something clever to say about the stylistic changes my deranged mind led me to make, but its close to 3am so I'll pass on that just this once. [old version]...
  3. Super Veggeto

    Great Saiyaman helmet WIP...

    well its my first model ever soo it's not that good... im having some trouble with the modeling and im sure that there some fixing to do so i need someone that knows how to model and skin and to continue my work(cuz i realy dont know how to skin...and my modeling ist that good...)...
  4. T

    Goku And GT. Saiyaman (pencil art)

    nuff said...
  5. Synth


    Wassap esforums, i've already tried the search technique and the is down "again")technique and now im lost. i can't find a saiyaman model and sound pack to replace teen gohan. i would really, really, really appreciate it if someone would show me any leads to getting this...
  6. S

    Saiyaman's Sigs

    I haven't made a sig for a long time, but I finally threw one together last night using a few things uselessresponse sent me
  7. A

    AzN Saiyaman COnversion

    im converting this siayaman to ESF 1.1 For people who want it But I need to ask you guys a question Do any of you have this sounds pack: (heres the the thread)
  8. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Ultimate SSJ4

    Well i have made (not completely) aSSJ Goku Its badass I need Sin (Sin Goku) to assigne the bones , because i suck at that Anyways heres the pic Credit to AZN - arms , legs Real modeler of goku - body Tell me what do you think? :laff:
  9. A

    My Pikkon Model

    Me and shijing made a pikkon model. Hes working on sprites so it should be release shortly. Its for piccolo. Heres screens: Credits too the original piccolo modeler (ESF team), and AzN Dragon for his Great saiyaman. And of course me and Shijing for the edit.:]
  10. Skinnerfool


    I looked in the search system and didn't find what i wanted well im looking for a great sayian Man with his red cape and yes i know there is one that azn made but no camp tho
  11. S

    Great Saiyaman!

    Anyone here know if there is one greatsaiyaman not ssj u know azn dragon,s greatsaiyaman can somebody make him not ssj just blackhaired?
  12. S

    Saiyaman's Sigs

    Here are the sigs i have made thusfar:
  13. Jonesdaniel

    Adult Gohan

    Can anyone send me a link so i can download any kind of adult gohan (dont mind what he is wearing, or if he is mystic gohan) i would be grateful
  14. L

    Great Saiyaman

    Hi all i found this one on redsaiyan i think it's great!!! good job AZN :yes: :D download:
  15. Kman3252

    Great Saiyaman wip

    here is my great saiyaman. not done yet (details need to be added to the green part of his clothing and his pants also the bottom of his green clothing needs to be striaght). I edited the model and the skin of fatmanterrors vegetto. could someone please tell me how to make a milkshape file a...
  16. S

    esf Beta BOT!

    hi all its me again is there a ESF Beta bot to train with it? Anyway thnx SaiyaMan:)
  17. I

    Just wondering...

    What is a good animation program? i've been wanting to make my own for a long time.
  18. M

    My Suggestion? One Word: SAIYAMAN!!!

    IT WOULD BE SOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!! and they can make him say the saiyaman rap song! lol im not kidding... saiyaman roxors!!! SAIYAMAN OWNZ JOO!!! PS: please dont flame or spam this is just a suggestion...
  19. God Gundam

    My Cell

    yo look at my cell, he needs a body but tell me what you think so far
  20. P

    dark goku skin!!!!!!

    ok im willing to let bygons be bygons so 16, greentaco, lets just be cool.. i know this sig isnt great but it looks awesome in game!
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