1. D

    s2k_snakeway_v2 help

    i downloaded a new map called s2k_snakeway_v2 long story short i couldn't understand why it wasn't working...then i saw that is was a regulare "file." All the maps are "BSP files," my question is is there a way to change it into a BSP file so that it will work...
  2. X

    I Found a glitch on s2k_SnakeWay_v2 | READ |

    To who ever Made this map. Its great. But please see if you can fix this problem. I am putting this up before its too late and some lame ass decides to "Cheat". But if you play as Krillin (I haven't tried it with Freiza...) And you see enemies through the window in King Kai's House. And...
  3. DJ-Ready


    finally, i got it ^^ here are some screenies of the new version, s2k_snakeway_v2 by DJ-Ready feat RiOt_sTaRtEr ... sooo .. if you want the map, go to my site and download it from the download section. oh .. i made the water yellow =P ... some people say its red and some say its...