1. T

    rose sig

    my nnew sig what do u think?
  2. ZeroNightmare

    R.O.S.E Online

    This game looks cool Its a MMORPG Open Beta. Thers jobs and classes and what not, guilds, fractions. I'm gonna download it. If anyone else is going to, pm me, i like to make friends :)
  3. D

    rose online help

    hey i mdade an account on rose and im a lvl 10 i want to be something but dont know how to get to warren ( the job guy) i play rose because it is a good alternative to wow! i wish i had wow though any way plz help and maybe we can hook up.. i dont know if you have to keep ur charactor on one...
  4. Raven Blade

    Rose Skin

    I cant remember who made the model, its somone from polycount anywho. (I'll look him up later). Anyway... considering my mass of DBZ models of late, I decided I needed a break... Progress is slow, as I am still fairly busy...
  5. Soulicro

    black rose wallpaper

    Hey... I made this wallpaper that I like to call "The Black Rose" C&C please.
  6. stiffdog

    new drawing

    heres a new pic. copy and paste to main heart :]
  7. S

    2nd wallpaper

    Took me about 4-5 hours over a week, tried to do some new stuff, i used 3dsm 5 for this along with photoshop, tell me how it can get better etc. etc. and also tell me if you seen anything...strange in it that tiny white line on the left doesnt show up if its set as your wallpaper LOOK FIRST...
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