1. Deman

    Man Proposes Through Rom Hack It's oddly romantic, I guess. I suppose she'd have to be nerdy too for it to actually work. And apparently it did :O
  2. KarrdeKNR

    PS2 Emulator (not rom based, bored at work)

    Basically, I'm wondering if we know of any good, functional PS2 emus that run actual PS2 games on a DVD rom drive. I'd haul my PS2 in if this laptop had TV in. I know this is kinda grey area in terms of legality. But I own the system, the games, etc, I just wanna play at work :P
  3. X


    Well, I am finished most of it... but I am posting this for two reasons, 1 for critzs, the second and most important is to ask how to solve AllocBlock:Full, DD and I have both tweaked and compiled many times... oh well here is the pics from WC (the cracks in the ground won't show ingame and the...
  4. K

    I need help finding a rom plz..

    I figured the best place to put this would be in the "off-Topic" section, but..uhh....I need to find a rom for a nintendo 64 emulator,I need the 007 Goldeneye rom i've been searching for days, and maybe i'm just an idiot but i can't find it anywhere, i need help before i smash my comp into...