1. Jakut

    The Kenny Rogers Reality Show Don't know if anyone posted it. And anyway....... RACOON BRAIN!!
  2. Chakra-X

    Kenny Rogers Jackass

    Yes this is a skit from MadTV, but I think this is the most hilarious skit they have done. What's your opinion?
  3. A

    Rogers Cable Internet's speed keeps going up :S

    A month ago my download speeds on Every site i dl'd off of (if it was in north america) and on kazaa and things was about 200 - 280. Now it's going from 400 - 700...I even got 1 mb a second. Is this just a fluke or what? What ever i dont want it to end :laff:
  4. D

    can some1 give me site of downloading maps?

    redsayian fall :((((((((((((( so plz
  5. .FM.

    Mr. Rogers

    R.I.P Mr. Rogers Died due to stomach cancer comments on how you liked or disliked the show and better late then never i liked when he went to the factorys and showed you how they made bubble gum or something and trolly owns! if you dont know who is its a 70's-2003...
  6. Majin_Saiyajin

    Not again!... ape_foreshadow.res fix...

    Well i messed up again... sorry... o_o For those of you that have downloaded my ape_foreshadow map you will need to get the right .res file.... cause the other one has the wrong map name in it... just replace the old ape_foreshadow.res file with this one. Right Click & Save Target As...
  7. V

    i could usr a hand at getting my sig to even show up

    uhhh not sure what i have to so to get my sig to show up and help would be good where the file is stored is there
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