1. dan_esf_fanatic

    F-117 shot down by ANTI-SHOWER rocket!

    Well, a while ago me and my friends were talking about the bombing of 1999, and one of them said that he heard the F-117, stealthed pride and joy of the american airforce, was taken down by an ordinary, domestic, anti-shower rocket. For those of you who don't know, it's a rocket that is usually...
  2. M

    Team Rocket

    I hate Team Rocket. They are the worst creation known to mankind, whoever came up with this team should die in his/her own blood. Their name just sickens me in everyway possible, I couldn't stand them ever since the first episode of Pokemon. They've been chasing the same blasted Pokemon for...
  3. A

    cool IDEA!!

    well its now: 22:08 in sweden... and i was clicking around in a TFC forum.. then i remebernd to DL some concmaps.. then i went to CS and DL some aimmaps.. but then i got the idea... why not make skill maps in ESF?! like special beam jumps? around the hole map etc? what would be cool... train ur...
  4. Nuttzy

    samus model final version RELEASE

    well, i hafta celebrate, i just beat metroid prime for the first time, sorry shijing or bob, if you dont mind me releasing my model in more place than one, this is my version, FW's final will be much improved FW will contain a better reanimated version of this model, along with many other...
  5. ZuL

    The Golden Rocket Crowbar!

    Hello. Some of you don't know who I am, but i hang around RocketCrowbar's forums alot. And I am gonna show you my latest piece of art, the Golden Rocket Crowbar. 1822 polygons, and its not made for any game. Not now. Not ever. I am using 3d studio max 4, if someone asks. There is a newer version...
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