1. Shadi

    Another attempt to revive 1.2.3 until 1.3

    Ok I can't do much more than what I do now.. I taught 2 noobs today and I added 3 extra servers in 2 days.. here are the IPs .. enjoy them!! (4 in total) If the server has a password it is just NoNoobs Europe, 1 duel server and one public ESF 1.2.3 [Duel] <Copenhagen> -
  2. Gspy

    ESF Revival Movement. Ways to help.

    I've been thinking of ways to revive this game. Here is just a short list. I'll also be posting some things we can do to help grow the games fan base by extending out to people who might not know about this game. For now though, I've posted 3 things here that you guys can do to help out. I also...
  3. .Maze

    GTA:SA Online revive again :/

    Hi. Is anyone of you playing GTA:SA Online ? It has been released i found out a day ago -_- Is anyone else playing now and then ?
  4. D

    GAMERZ WE NEED YOUR HELP,Revive this game This game is in desperate need of players,im gonna try after this post i already dl'ed it.This game died,not cuz it sucked though.Just simply cuz it was unnoticed.So a guy put a Revival thread on www.capice?.com and i agreed to help, it looks fun.I'm here to...
  5. TwisteR

    Revive the 1.1 targeting system.

    I think it would be easier to keep track of who youre fighting if the 1.0-1.1 targeting system was brought back. I as well as others like to finish whatever fight they started. And if youre on a big server, its hard to tell you were fighting last. It would work the same way as it did in 1.1...
  6. N


    Damn it im getting sick and tired of it my porblem is... When i register it says i must wait 2 mins before the registration process is complete then i close milkshape after 3 mins and open it again but it wont work help me plzz.
  7. I

    teen gohan blue outfit pak

    here's a pak i made for the blue outfit teen gohan from Movie 9 (brolly's return) I know there's no gohan ssj3 but i thought itll look better as a ssj3 level.. well check it out... i need a host though oops i almost forgot credits: smo for ssj3 hair, and azn for original bd gohan, and...
  8. S

    ok dokie final updates before sephiroth is released^_^

    ok we still need crits before we release it but here is wot i have done scince last night: as u can see i have put a better skin on the pants and arms and also i have recoulerd some parts of the eyes to make them stand out more. also u can see the arms are more like sephy's now ^_^ form...
  9. S

    finally bojack gohan done

    heres my final bojack gohan. i need a host for the models. credits to smo, sbolt,-SSJ Gohan Model: SS Vegeta Skin: Mastasurf and me fro edit. i need to get permission before its released
  10. M

    Psyco Buu

    an edit of my kid buu
  11. TAz00


    Ok the old Nc_Cliffs, got a new look. And i would say it fits better with that map... But see for yourself... Right click and press save as... Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
  12. W

    nice model! but need help....

    ok, i am dont know how to create a model with milkshape and i wish from u guys thet u wiil take this 1.0 goku model and take his hair hair and moved it to goku of 1.1 plz here some pic and then download of the model and plz create me a goku 1.1 beta with new hair from 1.0 model 10x u...
  13. TAz00


    I made a rats map for the Neo clan, actually it has nothing to do with DBz. Its actually guess what.... MY ROOM:p enough with the chat, heres the pics, and the zip... Right click and press, Save as... I also made a CS version...
  14. Mistery X

    Saiyan Crusades, Goten, Trunks, Gotenks

    Right now I'm working on Goten... I'm gona post maybe 2 more renders of him.. wip of the legs.. then the finished edited goten model.. + SSJ Then move on to Chibi Trunks.. then do same thing like 3 renders for him.. Then gotenks all forms.. any way.. I've got this much on my goten so...
  15. S

    future gohan

    heres a future gohan i made. its not done yet please give me crits sorry i accententelly didn't put on the pics i guess i was in a hurry