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    Game Series That Should Retire

    Games that need to retire, whether because they're played out or overrated, it matters not. Discuss the game series that just need to die, and why. EA gets paid from Madden games, ignorant people who love Madden actually think that it's worth 50$ to buy the newest Madden game. Soon enough...
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    model n00b

    Hey im a model n00b and im working with milkshape 3d :D and ehm how i open a esf model in milkshape so i can try some stuff on those models.
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    Before I retire from graphics...

    Well my graphics really suck so I decided I'll be retiring soon... So as the topic states Before I retire from graphics.... I will make sigs for those in need. If you want a sig please post something in here and I will also post free sigs in here (If the moderators dont mnd with either)...