1. E

    Question/concern 1.3 Trans PL requirement

    I wanted to respond to something a dev posted in another topic but i didn't want to hijack sooo... I can understand the need to train in your ssj form before you move in to ssj2 but are the PL requirements going to be the same as 1.2.3? It took quite some time to get to say vegeta and...
  2. S

    Requirement Of ESf..Plz Help thanks

    Do i need to install half life and counter strike only can play this game..if i only download the full patch which is the 1.2 full pacth file but without install half life..can i play?Beside it need a original cd only can create server..i mean online n play with others...thanks for...
  3. Dr. Zaius

    Age requirement

    I think we should institute an age requirement for ESF ;) I'm tired of 10 year old kids coming on servers calling people "poor" when they get hurt....spoiled brats don't deserve a computer, much less an awesome mod like they spout things like "n$##er", which is just totally...