1. Trunks-ssj25

    WHat video renderer should i use?

    Should I use Software, OpenGL, or D3D When i try to use Opengl it says The specified video mod is not supported The Game will now run in software mode That makes me very sad...
  2. Trunks-ssj25

    Should i use Open GL as video renderer? cause it doesnt work...

    Hey guys whenever i go into play my graphics suck and they shouldnt cause i have decent video card sooo... i went into the video settings and i saw the renderer and i said "Ah! of course! I'm using my software for my renderer and not openGL!" i assumed that openGL is the right renderer cause...
  3. D

    Programs to do models

    Please someone say to me what programs i can use to do some models... better it be freeware - show me the link plzz:shocked: Thx a lot o_o
  4. A

    Software renderer bug

    Maybe it is something with my computer, but if i play with software rendering vegeta, goku and cell's hands appear throug their heads, like if their heads were transparent.............O_O :cry:
  5. S

    Is it possible to render with G Max?

    Well is it possible to render with G Max? Come on. you guys/girls have to tell me. i'll do anything