1. Skyrider

    Looking for a good remote software

    Anyone knows a good remote software that works really fast and is very stable? I really need to find a good one, which is of course not windows remote :p. Can be both freeware or shareware.
  2. Phobius

    Problems with the Wii Remote Strap! Looks like the Wii is causing damage in a lot of house holds. The strap that connects to the wii remote is made of string which is as probably as strong as a spiders web heh. Discuss!
  3. |Overlord|

    Remote controled Humans My god.... Well science hopes they can get this right for Gaming but they can remotely control humans :o. I belive this is also a method that will be used in dbz chou if i am not mistaken when you think about it.
  4. G

    Important Question about Remote Control

    okay i try to discribe my problem and i hope that someonecan help me..... i want to make a remote desktop connection between 2 pcs from windows XP to windows 2000 and i dont know what i have to do in windows 2k that it worx i hope that somebody can help me
  5. L

    how do i put a picture on my thread

    how do i put a picture on my thread because i been lookin on the make a thread page and theres no options on attaching files,jpegs etc.
  6. M

    remote linking forbidden?!!!

    anyone know a good host?(free ones obviusly) cuz I have tried like 4 different ones and none of them seem to allow remote linking ;(