1. S

    To the guy who made the Sonic model

    Where can i download it?
  2. TehMuffinMan

    >>>first Aura!!!<<<<<

    Thats right guyz, the first totally new aura, model and everything! heres a piccy: trust me, youll love it, it looks much better in game >>>link<<<
  3. Deverz

    The sig thread to keep it or ditch it

    This poll is to decide the fate of the sig thread If it's ditched the Art forum will be open to sig threads but Off-Topic will remain sig thread free. If the list is kept request's will be PM only
  4. C

    another bug: energy trails remain

    Okay, I'm not entirely certain how to reproduce this, but heres the bug anyway for you to be lookin at. When you exit a game abnormally, say from it crashing, or anything that causes the red 'Connection problems' text, some odd stuff may happen if you join another game without restarting HL...