1. E

    steam validation rejected Problem

    I played the game (ESF:ECX RC2) through steam and when I create Sarver It starts to load and it stops. I checked in consul The same happens also that I connect to server see the Image steam validation rejected How can I fix it
  2. Z

    Help! VALVE validation rejected!

    When i wanna join a server, it says just: "VALVE validation rejected" Please help me, i wanna play this mod finally! PLS i cant join, but why? Did you have the same problem? How did you solve it´?
  3. P

    Valve validation rejected

    when i join a servers it says Valve validation rejected
  4. Mr. Satans

    Bored? Need an idea? I HAVE 1!!

    Make a Mr. Satan model :yes: DakD was making one (I doubt he got started) but that of course never happend, many of my requests for a Mr. Satan model have been rejected as I expect this prolly will but if anyone would make one, I could make a sound pack for it! I had a Mr. Satan model...