1. Dr.Killer

    recover and swoop near the water

    Hi guys , i thought about it and i found it awesome about this suggestion, so here we go , the recover system allows players to balance the flight after taking a heavy hit and flying at a high velocity without controlling the caracters in the sky, but when you start recovering your player near...
  2. The Deco

    Knockback swoop recover

    Knockback concept: A small bar like 1.2 that indicates what is your condition in recovering. The difference: The bar only represents your character's consciousness\physical condition. When the line in the bar reaches the middle you are STILL in knockback BUT you can recover (stop yourself...
  3. D

    Recover and melee bugs

    Hello, I know that the melee system isn't finished yet, but after a melee hit you can't block or power up for a few seconds after you recovered. Another melee problem is that you can hit players which are resting on ground so you have no chance to get up if the enemy don't let to. These are...
  4. sub

    Scientists recover T. rex soft tissue
  5. Warbandit

    Wall recover

    i thought of an idea similar to wall jumping. Im not sure if its in 1.2 but im pretty sure it isnt. When u get thrown into a wall, and are recovering before u hit the wall, instead u can boost off the wall. U can see this in most fights.
  6. W

    recover :O

    hey i saw alot of player that when i give them a hit they recover soo fast and they hit me! how they do that? its not like the regular recover! and when i was ssj and they was little trunks or gohan with 600,000 they did it too!! how they do it!?
  7. Skyrider

    Faster air melee recover.

    i saw on 1 of the episodes to recover faster in air when you are hit... example: *when you are hit by melee. and you fly away. and then after a few sec. you can recover. now my idea whas to recover faster. like put pure energie in the recover to stop instantly when you are...
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