1. Viper

    Vampire Raziel (LoK)

    After some time without modeling i decided to start again. For those who don't know this is Raziel (vampire form) from the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver game. Preview time :D : A nice renderer: The references (credits to Arnold Ayala and Daniel Cabuco):
  2. B

    another Raziel

    i have always been a huge soul reaver fan and thanks to girs thread i came across great refs for him so i decided to model the man himself the poly-count is 1256, i have no poly limit for this model, its for pure fun ill probably release a SDK if its wanted
  3. -Origin

    Another Raziel sig

    New sig, I like this one a lot....tell me what you think:
  4. P

    Yaya Raziel model

    hey people my m8 made a raziel model just 4 me and he said i can go get some animators and that he made a skin and stuff but hes doing a final skin hes gonna make soul reaver 2 but i was wonderin does any 1 else wana try 2 skin it or help me animate it i was gonna do it 4 jk2 but u can do it 4...
  5. D

    Fan Fiction: Raziel's New Journey

    I was bored today so I decided to type some fan fiction, I hope you like it all, and more chapters are comming soon, and please remember I'm doing this fun, so I don't care about your opinion really :P Raziel’s New Journey A Story based on Soul Reaver written by DPredator Chapter 1: A...
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