1. Nuttzy

    XBOX 360 failure rates, ESF edition

    well, it doesnt get any simpler than this. please no ps3 fanboys lol, only post if you actually own a 360. mine just conked out for the 4th time, i suppose a normal person would be angry, but the xbox repair process is very painless (and free :D).
  2. vinay87

    I Thought Upload and Download rates were connected.... this is ghey

    Thats the upload rate for one of my torrents right now. Only been seeding it. anyway look at what the download rate was: My broadband connection rate says its 64 kbps. so my download speed/upload speed should be 8 kilobytes per second. The help center guys aren't believing me... lol. Not...
  3. Arsenovicius

    best rates For my connection

    Could someone give me the best rates for my type of connection.. I was using the folowing before stuff happend and now esf laggs like hell ( spikes) rate 20000 cl_cmdrate 101 cl_updaterate 101 What should i use for adsl 768 kbps..?
  4. A


    I guess this belongs here , guys i accidently changed the rates on my hl/esf so i wanted to ask what are the default rates , and what is the best rate , if there is one in case u didnt understand what rates im talking about , im talking about "rate " , "cl_cmdrate" , "cl_updaterate "
  5. P

    Collecting info about lower frame rates...

    Im only making this a sticky for acouple days, just need to collect some info... Answer the following questions please. --------- 1) What are your computer specifications? Mainly looking for cpu speed, ram, video card, and render mode ( software, open gl, or direct 3d ) 2) How big is...
  6. Guru_San

    New Fusions!

    Here are some new fusion pics, I no they r arnt real b4 i get flamed just thought i should share Fooler (lol) I like this one odd... ...?