1. M

    My project for esf 1.2.3: My own patch

    Hey.! First of all excuse my English, I speak Castilian am using the google translator. long record here but I did not know how to make a post. I came to talk about a patch for esf 1.2.3, not sure you do not play, posting it in case anyone is interested. Photos: TAPION: Z...
  2. Super Duper


    I know the request fourm is ment 4 this kinda thing but pretty much no one listings to u in that thing so i was wondering if anybody had a d/l link to redsaiyans Radditz or anyother Radditz because i think he awesome and i really want a model 4 him.
  3. Jimesu_Evil

    Raditz v3

    I have updated mine and Brollman's Raditz model to be 1.1 compatible, and also made some new improvements. Check it out... Here is a list of improvements: - Edited the hair, now it looks more like Raditz hair (the old hair looked too neat) - Added his red armband and legband -...
  4. Alex_b77

    SSJ Radditz

    I was wondering, if Radditz ever went super saiyan, would he look like a ssj3 with eyebrows? im just wondering because he had long hair. Also if he went ssj3 would his hair continue to grow and then be huge? ANd if in ssj would his giant hair stand up????
  5. S


    Radditz would be a fun character to put in, but he doesn't have any attacks named in the 4 episodes he's in and doesn't transfom at all. The attacks in Dragon Ball Z Budokai were made because he needed attacks for the game. Also, he DIES after the 4th episode. Sure if he was alive he would be...
  6. I

    radditz skin release

    Well i dunno how to model so here is the skin and i give creditst o esf teamsa and keshish Click here to download And uhh dunno what to say
  7. Skinnerfool

    radditz skin release

    Well i dunno how to model so here is the skin and i give creditst o esf teamsa and keshish Click here to download And uhh dunno what to say
  8. Skinnerfool

    A hint

    If ur making a radditz model why don't u mind use this ssj3 vegeta so u don't have to make the hair and thiis hair is perfct anyways here ya go http://mitglied.lycos.de/clanbn/models/vegeta.zip
  9. B

    Radditz update

    Here is an Update from this Radditz Credit!!!! to Jimesu_Evil He makes it and i reedit it :) Dont Crit the face he is Damn ****ty but i dont want a vegeta face :)
  10. DaKD

    Radditz Update

    heres a pic of my current work (note that isnt the final hair its just to show u its radditz not vegeta!!!) o yea btw this is not a box modeled model either its like my 3rd one made with verts and faces so it kinda sux. also im going to get a better rendering prog soon so i can show my...
  11. DaKD


    Ok ive seen how the old radditz ptoject failed so i wanted to make it for the people that seemed to want it and also cuz i think itd be koo so tell me if u guys want it
  12. T

    Broli- remodel and reskinned

    Heres a Broli model i reskinned and modeled some I did it in 30 mins total expect a release today or tommrow i just gotta fix the red cloth and compile it model goes to fanmanterrors ussjtrunks
  13. T

    Radditz MAJOR WIP

    UPDATE 3 im still working on the pads but heres a pic so far http://hstrial-bbobby2.homestead.com/hereyago.html
  14. M

    radditz saga

    i think its a g00d idea to be able to blast someones arm or feet of, like radditz to piccolo so that i you get blasted by blue beam, and it hits your arm the arm is of! that would be verry cool!!
  15. S

    Radditz Saga Help

    Alright, Well I'm currently working on something "Top Secret ^_^" Thats why I haven't been online alot. Anyways, I need to know the conversasion between Goku, Gohan, Radditz, Old Geezer, bulma and Krillin. This conversasion took place when Radditz arrived at the Kame House. Anyone know it...
  16. Synth

    Raditz Model?

    Does anyone know where I can get a Raditz model?
  17. I

    r@ditzszszszszszzz 0pd@t€

    here is my raditz update!
  18. G

    check out our newest model

    it was just finished today i am doing the skin right now check this out this was made by PSYCH0TIC MISFIT he did a great job if you ask me tell us what you think of it i need 2 very skiners
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