1. Eli

    Half Life or Half Life: Source

    Well, I'm going to buy Half Life on steam since I can't find the cd key to link it to steam and I was wondering if I should buy Half Life Source or just Half Life.
  2. B

    Anyone want 20% off their next purchase at origin.com?

    So, simply because I asked Origin a question, they decided, for no reason at all, to give me 20% off my next purchase at their website. Apparently it doesn't work on pre-orders, but if you guys want the code, I'll pm it to you. I really have no use for it since I don't plan on buying anything...
  3. Mkilbride

    Apple to Purchase Electronic Arts

    http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/TechandScience/Story/STIStory_595377.html Or, lol, even Disney, which I highly doubt. Sony? Fat chance. Apple will ruin the video game industry...it's like the Activision of consumer Electronics, we don't need another.
  4. K

    Can you someone help me

    HI Today I purchaset Half life game and installed Esf 1.3. . This is my game how can i make it look like this ??? I have Steam .
  5. Barney's_Soul

    Where would Youtube be if Google didn't purchase it?

    Was YOutube going backrupt from its bandwidth costs or something?
  6. S


    i was testing out bryce.. mixed it up in photoshop, done that. im pretty satisfied with result, gives it a lil alien look. my site is down, so i cant pôst it on it, so why not come to say hello and post some work. -SPiN out.
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