1. Tenzo

    Pumping Power Struggle issue!

    Here's one: Let's say you are in a PS and you have little Ki left. The beam is getting near you and you start hitting your LMB like crazy! I've tried it and this is what happens: And i won the PS even if the beam was just about to hit me! What do you think about it?
  2. D

    Pumping PS in 1.2???

    I don't know if this has been said before but I thought that I would ask if you could pump ki into your ps. Are you guys going to make some sort of patch for 1.2 with all the stuff that you could quite manage to finish off for the official release?
  3. T

    Pumping ki???

    I thank this has been asked but i didnr find a topics in search But just wantin g tp no id it just hold right click in a power struggle or what? or is it going to be in 1.2 patch.
  4. T

    Pumping ki?

    I wuss reading the manual and i thout there wuss a trick when in a power struggle that tou can pump ki in your beam i tryed noting happen.
  5. K

    pumping ps quesiton

    when your in a power struggle and the beams are not going head on and the winner is always changing producing a zig-zag beam trail, when you pump will the ball moving up the trail zig zag along the trail?
  6. U

    Pumping PS?!?

    anyone got an idea of what pumping-ps is gonna be like in beta 1.2? just looked at the beta 1.2 outline and came to think of whats that was, it sound cool but that doen't say anything about what it is:P
  7. S

    Pumping Beam power ?

    When uve fired a beam u can use turbo to pump power into it ( i think this is in Beta 1.2 i think) u can pump power into it by turning on turbo then holding and releasign primary fire holding primary fire would drain ur ki to an amount of ur wish then when u release u will release a huge...
  8. E

    What Ive been working on Lately (new model)

    2000 polys, dunno WTF it is, just make up summin by looking at random demon concept arts....ermmmm, if its too dark, ill post more pics, i just liekd the scary look (1st pic is light, not coloured proper)