1. EviLCHiMP

    Return of the Avenger (Naruto Pt.2 Spoilers)

    Modelling Sasuke in his sexy Part 2 self. 800 Poly's so far.
  2. Vegeta's Briefs

    Hall of Fame pt.2

    Okay people, take your votes. Vote for who should be on the hall of fame. Now, how I did this was I chose the top ten most voted on people in my other thread, and for the people that didn't make it, I'm sorry. I left it open for a week, and these are the results. (NOTE: this only stays up...
  3. SA_Gohan

    Model Pack pt2

    Since creating the Teen Pan concept is going to take a little longer than I iniatially anticipated, I've decided to work on Kid Buu. So far only the head is complete, and only partially at that. Comments? BTW: 246...