1. Nuttzy

    i wanna make my own gmod props -_-, ZOMG HALP ME

    ive never once compiled a model for HL2, that being said i doubt i have the tools to do so, but perhaps someone can help me figure it out. i want to make a prop, similar to those big spiral coin rolling things for an idea i had in my head, and well recreating it with existing props would be...
  2. G


    Look at what I made!
  3. shadow16

    DragonBall (Heads?)

    Well, didn't get far with trunks I got bored and replaced the dragonball with various heads from esf... *Credits go to the orignal modellers for goku, vegeta, Krillin, Majin Buu (FAt Buu), Cell, Trunks, Frieza, *Pics* *I did this for fun...and thought about...
  4. Ryoko

    New freehand Ryoko drawing

    Shall be cging soon. Not as good as my other pics but then again, this is totally freehand.
  5. BornTwiztid

    New Kami Map?

    Ok, to be quite honest, i didn't know where to put this thread, nor did i know what i should call it exactly, but i need to ask anybody and everybody this. I can't remember if this map was for ESF (God, i hope so) or for another DBZ mod, but i remember seeing screenshots of a Kami's lookout...
  6. S

    props to esf team

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that its really cool that your going to be doing a journal now. Now I can get my update fix that I need!! I'm glad you guys have always stayed faithful to your fans. Keep up the good work!