1. D

    Not the usual "When is it going to be done?" thread XD

    Are you guys still looking for programmers/modelers? What else is there to complete, and what do you need to complete it? I'm not going to ask the "When is it done" thing.. I know the answer to that :-P But I would like to know what's necessary, and if we can get a solid answer on...
  2. MrPlow

    Best programming tutorials?

    Well the university i'm at seems to think that none of the students there ever saw a PC since we don't have any programming classes until the 2nd year and all we do is screw around in MS Office. So i'm bored and want to learn something useful. So anyway i'm wondering does anyone know any good...
  3. SaiyanPrideXIX

    So uhh...anyone know any C programming?

    Here's the scenario: my keyboardist is trying to make a program that is essentially a very simple calculator. She's using an OSX mac, and using something called emacs, to code this very simple program in C. It's not working, she's at a loss, and if she doesn't finish it ASAP she won't be able to...
  4. Barney's_Soul

    Want to learn computer programming

    Ok, I know nothing about computer programming, but I want to teach myself how. My goal is to make a basic sonic fangame(to moteivate myself), and I need advice. What program should I use, (is The Games Factory a good thing to learn with)?
  5. V

    Yet another poll on Programming

    What program do i use for C++? visual C++ or any other crap
  6. V

    Taking a Pole on Programming

    which one is better for programmming Flash C++ Java C DirectX3D or anything
  7. Mr. Satans

    C++ Programming Help

    I need a little help here. I'm a pretty n00b programmer taking a class in highschool (it's a crappy class cuz the books are old, we use CODEWARRIOR, we use macs - nuff said) Anyways I started to work on a program of my own and I would like to get some kind of conditional statement that would...
  8. SA_Shift

    Anyone know any good mappers

    Anyone know any good mapping programs Hey, I enjoy mapping alot but so far I've only been mapping with gstudio and haf-life. Does anyone know any good mapping programs that I could practice with and their home page links?
  9. S

    maps tutorial

    im in the process om programming a game and need to create maps. my program supports the bsp format. but i need a tutorial on how to create a basic outside map in worldcraft (valve hammer editor). somethiing step by step would be great, and because my maps will not be used in halflife can i...
  10. C

    Game programming issues

    As far as i know these are the addtions to the next version: transformations aura sound fixed models completed attacks added character models changed mp3 changed additions still COMING! Now here is my question... Did u fix the dedicated server bug so that we can use the dedicated...