1. F

    Wierd WON prob, and steam (suprise? no)

    First off I downloaded ESF to play in steam. All went well with installations and all, but when I click the icon it says its trying to update half-life. After a while of that it says that the game is not available and that I should try later. "Ah well" I thought, "I'll just try the WON...
  2. W

    muha got prob !!!! (muha=me)

    hey i kindda need help here! look i bought a new screen (monitor) for my pc its a 18 intch lcd screen of AOC and when i oing to CS or ESF its like to much dark and u cant see it clearly and i tryed to do it on the screen menu (it got buttone in the left side) i changed the brightness and...
  3. S

    Mp3 Player Prob even when activated

    I activated the mp3 player and everything but the mp3 player will only work once per boot so i have to reset before it works again. So if i run it once it works but when i exit esf and run it again the mp3 player doesn't work. Any help would would be appreciated THX
  4. Tsunami

    Major prob....

    Ok my ESF keeps crashing on me on 2 different maps: esf_canyon esf_battle_arena With canyon, its an insane amount of lag, and with arena, it just crashes to desktop.
  5. W


    When I try to play esf 1.2 it says : Could not load library g:/Steam/SteamApps/ Soo weird..
  6. B

    MP3 Player prob

    I cant get the MP3 player 2 work. i cant even bring up the mp3 player menu. i am useing WON. is there a CVar or something 2 activate it. plz help cos i love my music. I am using 1.2
  7. SajaN^PridE

    Avatar prob

    Sooo, there were many threads about the avatar problem aaaand is there anyone, who would fix it. Many times u all said u`ll look into it :S , but a few months passed and nothing is fixed. So PLEASE fix it! ;(
  8. W

    prob in STEAM if u wont help me no 1.2 4 me!+pic!!

    ok now this is a wierd prob! if u wont help me i will no be ebale to play beta 1.2!!! :( my steam cant register my cd key! its look like its done but i waited smth like 40 min and it still was in the same point its like that it is stuck but when i go to task meneger i see that steam is...
  9. @lv/n

    demo recording prob...

    Hi! I am making a clip with ESF on it and I'm doing ok (the movie is crap, but I'm not going to put it in the Net, I'm just doing it for fun)... I started my movie and I could record demos with no problem, but now I can't see my character's model in a demo, so I can't record right... HELP...
  10. @lv/n

    demo recording prob... pls help!!

    Hi! I'm making a movie of ESF (just to entertain myself, I'm not putting it in the net and I'm not going to sell it, bla, bla, bla...) and at first, everything was fine, but now when I play a demo I recorded, my model won't show up.... pls help me, I really want to make that movie...
  11. J

    Prob loading at console

    i get a prob when joining a game and then loading at console. It says precaching then done preacaching then crashes to desktop.. can someone help me fix this
  12. S

    Steam prob

    it says this when i try and play... could no load library c:\program files\steam\steamapps\\half-life\esf\cl_dlls\client.dll
  13. D

    got a prob with the dragon balls game mode....

    I'm using Steam lately cuz ESF didn't work for me in Half-Life so I erased it, and now I'm with Steam. so, when I want to do a lan game server I choose the CTDB, which is the dragon balls game mode, I choose a related map and search for dragon balls, but guess what? no, there are no dragon...
  14. S

    The ESF client.dll prob (make a sticky, its helpful)

    I had this prob and i have had it time and time again, im a sven co op player and i noticed the error came after instaling sven co op 3.0 Then i realised sven co op uses a newer f.m.o.d so this was causing a problem, so i uninstalled esf + sven co op, and reinstalled esf. Esf now worked, i...
  15. D


    Guys when u download the fmod.dll thing u have to change the name to just fmod.dll not efs beta fmod.dll!!!
  16. N

    help !! prob in esf-evm

    well I am playing evm sometimes on net and sometimes on lan with bot's... when I get to new sus level it get's booring... and I want to change player(to vegeta from guko ect.) when I press v or c dunno exactly, and when I do it all the ki is gone(restart...) and I need to "recover"... I know...
  17. C

    steam prob

    ok everytime i try to join an onlline server i get the invalid steam user ID ticket WFT is up with that?? i used to have no probs with it but now it keeps bringing it up..and it does it everytime i try to join any online server for any game even CS >:\
  18. D

    2 prob

    Hi Everybody! I have 2 problems. 1.How the melee work in 1.2??? 1.2 trunks can kill everyone with sword. how cold we defense? If wee cant, maby you do what that goku do in dbz when he meet trunks. he block his sword with a finger!!! maby you do it to. TNX!!!
  19. EnergyBolt

    umm i got a prob

    in mastic clicked on the "-" botten and it make my screen smoller and i cant make it bigger again cuz in the botten that you can make it bigger its the bots botten how can i make it bigger again??
  20. S

    Prob In EVM(not ESF)

    i know its not supposed to be posted here or anywhere but i wanted help about a prob i got with the new evm mod i install the setup.exe and it gives the error of 1316 something like and says he cant rea the file Evolution **.msi what should i do?