1. RastaDude

    Practise model from Gir`s tutorial.

    Firstly, i want to thank Almighty_Gir for his brilliant tutorial, that helped me realy much. But i just wanted to get all crits that i can get, because i want to learn more about modeling, and i want my models to be perfect, so, i`m asking all of You, to tell me everything, that i could fix on...
  2. ]\/[ITCHELL

    pics of models

    i was bored so i made a few pics wit some models look at this: ssjgoku<BR> goku jacket <BR> ssj3 goku <BR> vejito <BR> copy and paste if is doesnt work *EDIT* if you want your credits with them just mail me @ [email protected]
  3. t he OnE Z Er0

    does any one know how to make models

    how can i do models it looks hard
  4. B

    Ten bud map

    well i am a very noob VERY NOOB mapper this is my first half life map so i hope i am doing things good and all and i hope i can also get it ingame but with some help of you i will get there i hope i am using the new GTK radient dev that has a half life compatible too the textures are just to...
  5. H

    Practise skinning

    I just wanted to know if somone could send me a model of trunks non super saiyan with a skin map so I could practise skinning him, my e-mail is [email protected]
  6. E

    Who likes Ryoko? I do! I do!

    Hot off the presses guys. Here is a drawing of Ryoko I hope you enjoy.
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