1. M

    "for the ppl on the forums

    whats up boys i have a good question for everyone that is active on the forums for the past 10 years WHY THE F**** U DONT PLAY ESF? instead of being active on the forums only!!!!;(
  2. Valle93

    my server dont let ppl in

    no one can join or even see my server on the list help plzz and my brother used some programs so someone could join but thats cs
  3. D

    why do ppl like rock lee so much??

    i mean...he's dumb...he got a silly hair style...the only thing i like about him is his eyebrows :p
  4. D

    how do u kik ppl out of ur server?

    like i stated how do i kick ppl put of my server?
  5. D

    Looking for a v1.5 server with C-D...and ppl

    I dont like Steam.... Well post it
  6. T

    my m8 clicks on create server and ppl see it,y it not work for me!!!!!!!

    ookay, i gotta a slight problem, my m8 dildo (Team.Brolly Dildo) can clcik on create server on the game menu and ppl can see it and connect, when i try... no1 can see it in the server list, i need2 know why so i can bluntly fix it. i got AMX mod all installed and setup for it too, thx to a...
  7. I

    Throw ppl

    I do know how to throw ppl now but what if they throw me,its so hard to stop that?? any1 knows a easy way to stop it... Im not sure but i think i gotta hold right mouse??
  8. I

    Why are dragonballz stuck??! and how i trow ppl?!

    I dont know how to throw people,cos when i melee attack them they throw me away but i dont know how to do that,please tell me how?! if you know? And some1 tell me why dragonballz sometimes are stuck ?=/ AND I THOUGHT THERE WAS SS2 AND 3???/ ANSWER ME FAST PLIX! i need to know :(! Im only...
  9. I

    *sigh...* seems like ppl wont answer this...got the .dll[-dllsclient.dll] error

    ok, this the problem, when i try to enter a room on steam, i got the .dll[-dlls\client.dll] differs from servers error. can some one acctually answer this, i dont think anyone has answered this :cry:
  10. PiXel

    Sigs i made for some other ppl

    Dunno if u like it... just thought to post it... Rate and crit it! If u want u can Comment 2! :] :smile: Edit::: A new one... but its not my style! its just a classic ^^
  11. Robby

    is this a very creap way to kill ppl?

    Transform Killing. I do it all the time but in tight spots like when im surronded or ONE GUY WONT STOP PESTERING ME ARG!!11!!!! sometimes i do it everytime also... so is this cheap killing? (sorry for the rough english i suck at typing) O_O
  12. M

    Newgrounds flashes, 1 is for older ppl only plz, no nudity but violence

    Here are 2 flash's i love, esp mr happy face makes me laugh everytime he runs lol. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/185174 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/185015 Like i said before my happy face the first one is for mature audiences only please, don't need to have ppl running...
  13. sayan master

    O.T.hi ppl i m back again...enter

    hi u all i know this is extreamly offtopick but i havnt been here for sometime and ppl asked me for sigs and stuff so if ppl still want me to make theas PM me and if ppl have new request u can pm me 2 :) sry for the inconviniance :p
  14. Damaera

    A random thread yey! Where do u ppl live :o

    Where do you guys live? What city do you live near? I live in california and I live near burlingame and redwoodcity :o
  15. E

    thx for all the helpful ppl at this forum but still one question?

    ok i got my models to work thax to spider guy or w/e but i have vegeta ss4 i and i got it to work but wut if i have a ss2 vegeta can i transform from lvl1 to lvl2 then lvl4 so i can actually do it like in the dbz series. And also i have a veggito model but how do i activate that model i...
  16. J

    ppl with sof2

    Any1 with Soldier of fortune2 have u had a problem where when u go into the multiplayer and it won't let you click on any of the buttons like find server, options etc if so pls tell me how i fix this problem
  17. B

    question for ppl from latvia (or any other new EU country)

    people of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus and Malta... UNITE :p if anyones out there that reads this thread, and lives in a country that i mentioned above, could you please tell me the price of a normal bread over there? (in euros)...
  18. SajaN^PridE

    Skilled ppl needed

    There is a new mod, for ut 2004, and we need skilled people. If u can can code, model, skin, draw or something, that might help us, please contact me on: msn(Ishouldn'[email protected]) ; yahoo(because) ; ICQ: (I should know better). Thank You, we will apreciate every skilled person.
  19. C

    30,000 ppl d loading esf?

    That seems like bs. There is no way that many people play the dam game. Everytime i go on ther is about 40 people playing in total. If that many people d loaded the game there should be wayyyy more ppl playing. 30,000 people sounds more like day of defeat to me.
  20. M

    Ok ppl HELP!!!Steam probs..

    well i just DL steam and installed it and it self works fine but witch ESF OMg.. so many errors and stuff ok here are my questions of steam? 1. What is Oleaut32.dll? where can i get it 2.Why is my menu this.. http://free.one.picturehost.co.uk/wierd.JPG 3. Why cant i change my graphics.. it...
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