1. B

    Full powered attack stuns the player slightly

    Launching attacks such as Kamehameha so fluently seems so...not DBZ, right? I think that if I were to power up a kamehameha wave to the max power after being beaten up, or being a bit low stamina, the player should then stop where he/she is and pant as if they are totally drained of energy...
  2. B

    Hydrogen powered cars

    http://autos.aol.com/article/hybrid/v2/_a/hydrogen-powered-chevy-equinox/20071221113609990002 Despite the misspellings and grammatical errors, it's a rather interesting read. Basically hydrogen cars are slowly coming into the world (the world being california and new york). They don't...
  3. Raven

    ESF-World Stats System BETA powered by Corona-Bytes.NET

    Here is the Link CLICK HERE C&C are welcome
  4. F

    Powered up attacks.

    Ok so say your goku and your super saiyan. What you can do is you start charging energy to replenish ki. Once your full you would keep charging, and then use an attack (kamahamaha for example). Your powerlevel would become higher as you charge the attack because you put yourself to the limits...
  5. Y

    Powered Up piccolo gets very low ki

    The difference of transformation power needed between goku and piccolo is just 100k but transforming with piccolo boosts your power to the little sum to 2100k or something wich is very low considering the power goku gets and even the one gohan gets :yes: Raise powered up piccollo´s power...
  6. C

    Over and under powered attacks

    People have been raving that some attacks are too weak and some are to strong...what the people creating esf needs to know is HOW TO FIX IT. Do you want piccolos masenko powered up or quicker charging Vegetas final flash needs to look cooler or just be plain bigger(my take on it is it...
  7. S

    Powered up piccolo, big dissapointment

    I like playing piccolo and i think that he needs a new model or clothes or something when he gets all powered up. Maybe a new , better move like super beam cannon,.
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