1. R


    Why exactly is Gohan's Masenko called the Powerbeam when you kill someone with it? He shouts Masenko, and it's the same attack as Piccolo's... Something to do with the show?
  2. Trov

    Powerbeam not working.

    I wonder if it is working for anyone else. Gohan's Powerbeam. It works fine when I play on LAN, but for some reason, I can't select it when I play on the internet. Has this happened to anyone else?
  3. P

    Gohans Powerbeam

    So here it goes ... :talk: The first time i played ESF i was trild to see gohans moves I tried them all out but the next time i played the powerbeam was gone ... Now its still gone and i don't know how i could get him back ... should I reinstal or what ?O_o so I repoart this cause...
  4. K

    whats a powerbeam

    well, when i am fighting bots they somethimes kill eachtoher and me with powerbeams, but i didnt see any character that has them, what are they???
  5. M


    When is S-Bolt--'s Gotnks model coming out. It looks pretty cool. And it looked pretty much finished the last time he posted. So plz put it up fo download S-Bolt . It's sure to be an instant hit!!!!!
  6. B

    Why is Gohan's Powerbeam banned in so many servers?

    It seems every server I join, Gohan's Power Beam attack is banned, and just doesnt show up on the attack menu. When I ask people in game, they say they don't know. So, I'm taking it to the ultimate authorities, to satisfy my curiosity: Why is power beam banned from so many servers?