1. J-Dude

    Unleash Your Powah'! DBZ Yell Thread!

    Ever since I started watching DBZ, I became fascinated with the powering-up. The yelling is a staple in my enjoyement of the series, and ever since hearing Goku's first SS3 transformation, I've trained my voice periodically to recreate the DBZ yell. Anyone else tried it? It's actually a load...
  2. Final Vegeta

    Request a wallpaper

    Well i would really like a great Vegeta walpaper as majin Ssj2 smiling (the evil smile he did to goku @ the tournament when he blew the ppl up) But not to ful with stuf just a nice wallpaper showing Vegeta's powah! And ofcourse maybe to spice things up for u wallpaper makers, maybe make a...
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