1. imkongkong

    splash screen, need hosting

    i made a splash screen, i was wondering if someone could host it, i'll send to you whoever wants to see it, i pretty much like it :p its in the stars in space with a pic of earth and some of the z fighters, you know, earth's special forces, pic of earth, umm yea
  2. P

    Rei Wallpaper

    pretty basic, but i think it works, what do u lot think? no poll, i want crists from ppl, not just @its [email protected] or @[email protected] plz ^_^
  3. Antoine3323

    2 New Sigs

    Alright, I just made both these sigs 2nite in about 20 min!! They r my first real sigs!! (All I did b4 was find a pic and slap my name on it!! :p) So, tell me whatcha think!! EDIT: They originally weren't this bad of quality either!! That just happened when I uploaded em, so if anyone...
  4. MONXver1.5


    There should be a section just for them. Its cramping the art section.
  5. N


    model or skin of ssj4 gogeta cmmon please..... i cant make him for that fact anyone...... someone make him 4 me
  6. SSj Gotenks


    Dont be a noob in the Posts
  7. SSj Gotenks

    The Itty Bitty Pictures on Posts

    Hey How do u have one of those little pictures under your name when you post a post.?
  8. S

    Sick of Sigs well heres another one!

    Alright how is it?
  9. T

    Please Some Art No More Sigs!!!

    comeon i come to the artwork sectiont o see some artwork maybe compare it to mine. but all i see are these st00pid sig posts!!! SIGS ARE NOT ART!!!!:devil: