1. dbzrogue

    Recommend a anime/manga/visual novel to the poster above you

    Can't remember if there's been a thread like this before, but eh. Basically what the title says, recommend either an anime, or a manga, or a visual novel to the poster who posted before you. Or all three. To make it easier for the next poster to give you a recommendation, either list which...
  2. Sicron

    Movie Poster homework assignment

    Well, as some of you know, I have recently begun on a graphics design school. Well, sort of, hard to explain what kind of school it is. Anyway, one of my assignments is to make a movie poster. Only requirements were that it was this size, the movie had to be called "It came from beneath" (how...
  3. Zeonix

    How would you show your love for the poster above you?

    The Nix is the only being above me, so I'd give her a kitten. You know, so when her present cat-form dies, she has another body to possess.
  4. sub

    How would you kill the poster above you?

    Forum game. Go
  5. Denominator

    Party Poster V2

    Hey guys.. After the first party me and my friends had, the first poster was quite a challenge to surpass it's sexyness. However. I unveil to you final product of the last 3 hours of my life. I do admit I stole the picture of the beach/ocean/palm trees off of various sources, but the girl is...
  6. Denominator

    Party Poster

    Made a simple and clean cut poster, some mixing of effects and textures on the girl, the city and simple flames to put text into perspective.. Any strong topics of concern before I go print 300 copies of these things for flyers and posters? :) By the way, artists of Esf, what the hell happened...
  7. Suh Dude

    Spiderman Poster

    (Yes I did use filters on this one, just the motion effect.) I thought to do something bigger than signatures. D:
  8. Diablos

    College STD poster

    Done for a College project. The brief was to design a striking poster that would alert youngsters to the dangers of STD's, so there's mine. Excuse the huge size. Simplicity was my angle on this. I'd say it took around 2.5 hours on paper, redrawn in photoshop in about 2 hours. I'm also...
  9. Optimus Prime

    DBZ Movie - Unofficial Poster *NEW*

    It is unofficial, however, I think it has a chance. <a href="">Unofficial Poster #2</a>
  10. CM

    DBNG The Series Splash, and a Vegeta Poster

    Yeah, i posed a vegeta (brollmans edit, with a whole lot of proportional tweaks and baggy pants and a body reskin along with a boot recollor and tweak, credits to turk, brollman, and thats it.) this will hopefully be our vegetatatata and a splash, for if i ever make a dbng site, i will...
  11. |Da|K|

    z3r0 an DaK colab poster

    hey guy me an z3r0 did a colab for the fun of it i did all the 3d an airbrushing he did all the grunge look :-D watchu think? CRIZT AN COMMENTS PLZ
  12. Escobar

    Elavation.V2 (Poster)

    a poster i just made, well im still adjusting to the style but slowly slowly im getting their, thanx to naz for inspiration lol and lil help!!
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    one of my drawings(its a good one) the description aswell as image is in that link(non colored version). the colored version is directly under this sentence.
  14. B

    Need Modlers

    I have Create a Download site and a Esf League! and i need every good modler and news poster and forum admins Somebody will?
  15. F

    VGUI Manga Character Pack

    I have decided to have my own VGUI pictures and have released them for YOU!!!. for anyone who does not know what the VGUI pictures are. They are the pictures you see when choosing a character. i decided to do this because i disliked the 3d models used (no offense to ESF Team) but i...
  16. C


    sry sry sry I pressed bew thread instead of reply
  17. P

    My Sig not too frequent of a poster here but i thought i would try and get some feedback on my new sig
  18. S

    refrence pics

    ahello every1, long time reader first time poster... i got a question relating to refrence pics. Im using 3d studio max and i want to make a goku model. Some recommend box modeling, but i think spine tracing is easier isnt it? lets say i trace it , do i have to nurb it or does tracing do the...