1. VideoJinx

    ESF 1.3 Balance Possibilities

    Goal: To think of an idea that would simplify esf while keeping it's depth, thus making it more fun and easier to pick up. Note: I'll post here when I get ideas, feel free to add on suggestions etc. Energy Balls/Beams: I believe energy balls need some type of an auto lock on, similar...
  2. Sandstorm

    The possibilities of a new ESF...

    Before you post a reply, read the entire post. Gameplay Mechanics * Health is increased by at least ten fold, or health changes based on power, not ascension. Ie: You might have twice the health for having ten-times the power. * Flight is changed to be more like that of the flight from...
  3. Eider


    I dont know if theres a request thread here soo, here ya go: -Is it possible to make a map with a space traveller (like the one goku travelled to Namek with). And then u should be able to switch gravity higher and ur Ki goes higher when fighting in it ???
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