1. S

    Shenron & Porunga

    The suggestion: In the early version of the game Shenron was the only dragon that can be summoned using the dragon balls and it can only grant you 1 wish, so i thought that it will be a good idea to add Porunga too (In the Namek map), and make shenron able to grant 2 wishes and 3 for porunga...
  2. Shuyin

    Fight For The Dragonballs -Porunga Mode-

    I know this mode is already sorta in esf, but i think there should also be a more *team* mode version of it, where making wishes affects the *teams* winning. I know some of these are ideas other people have made (i thought they was good so i included them) Tell me of any faults there might be so...
  3. S

    New Porunga WIP

    I'm making a new Porunga model, the other 1 was ment for esf movies... but this 1 will be way better and released for ESF. here you go :laff: **Edit**
  4. C

    Dende and Porunga Models

    Just some models I've made over the past few days. They're finished but I just wanted some opinions on how they look. Pictures are low res so keep that in mind.
  5. S

    Dragon Replacement = Porunga! W.I.P

    Ey plp, i made a Porunga model as a replacement for the earthdragon,i'm not a very good modeler, and i dont know how to assign the model cause its a total other shape then the earthdragon,so i hope if there is anyone out there whoa wants to assign it. and i am a very very...bad skinner so i...
  6. M

    GT Dragon Model Release !!!!

    Im planning to combine stuff i found all together this makes the GT Dragon Pack Dragon Model Credits to original Creator of Shenlong Edited by:Imp.GuranGa Blackstar Dragonballs Credits to original creator of the Dragon Balls Edited by ????? Copy and Paste...
  7. SS2 Gohan E

    Babidis Ship

    Someone should make babidi's spaceship level where u can teleport in n out juzz like in alpha
  8. M

    <---- Porunga ---->

    Hello... When i play ESF with capture the dragonballs. i have collected all the 7 balls they wil glow.. but there is no DRAGON...?? how can i summer the dragon??? please help me out..
  9. T

    other characters

    Hi @ all this iss my first post ok I wanted to ask only whether even there will be other characters like mr satan or videl :D I am happy about every answer ThX cya Tenner and excuse my englich but iam only a german
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