1. Nuttzy

    the NUTTZY policy, when it comes to model ripping/editting

    ALL MODEL EDIT PICTURES, REQUIRE FULL WRITTEN CREDITS FOR EACH AND EVERY TRIANGLE/PIXEL USED. NO EXCEPTIONS. if you cannot find out who made the model, ask around. ANY thread with the lame ass"original creator" credits will be instantly deleted and replaced with a random picture of my...
  2. Kaination

    Walmart return policy loophole?

    Hmm, I thought about this during Christmas. At my walmart, if you buy a game and have it opened, you can no longer return it for a full money refund, but only for an exact copy of the game. So I was thinking... What if I bought a game, played it and beat it, and went to get my money...
  3. Wangster

    just 2 show you how easy it is.

    3Dabstract tutorial. well, alot of people make 3D abstract bg's these days, and they looks verry cool, well, if you have bryce, you can do it 2! just follow my steps and you wil have a verry cool BG urself! step 1: select the ground object and delete it step 2: press the tab sky and fog...
  4. Neon

    underwater map...

    hi, i made a map underwater :D its ez to do i know, but anyway how do i save it as a bsp file, so i can go ingame and get some screen shots? thx