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    help to model dragon balls amx mode. alle thinks about a sever!! HELP PLZZZZZ

    Hallo alle.. PLZZZZZ HELP ME!!! im not so good to English but i try. i just begin to play ESF. and i need som help... about the dragon balls. if i get alle 7 i can get a wish but when i play at my one sever is only 3 things to wish.. to day i haf play on a other sever where there was...
  2. M

    owner attention required plzzzzz

    hi,i want to be a graphical designer i am already doing some maps so i wa wondering can i join the esf staff as a mapper modeler this is my info age 14 (i know im young) gender male hobbys Mapping drawing and playing esf and counterstrike
  3. Ã

    ssj4Bebi vegta

    yo all i edited this new model and i came up with ssj4Bebi vegta i would have the pic 4 u ppl today but it be like at 4 or 5p.m(FL time) by there it look cool u see :D :D
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    plzzzzz help, I've been tryin to fix this problem all night

    I downloaded the Beta and when i try to install it, it goes up to C:\Sierra\Half-Life\esf\ESF Manual.swf and then it says Error 1335.the cabinet file '' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM...
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    a lil help plzzzzz

    hey sos 2 bother you just a quick question i alredy got the alpha versian and i luv that damm game ((i always whoop my bro on lan)) but newayz im bored with no assending when exactly will the beta versian be out if not a certain date a small approximation will be much apreciated!!! cheerz