1. The Deco

    Looking for a heavily plot based Japanese RPG

    So in the last week I thought to myself what I want to play and I concluded that I want to play another JRPG. I really loved Xenogears and Chrono trigger. I am looking for something more like Xenogears - complex, with philophic concepts(not a must though, its not that common), full of twists...
  2. The Deco

    Looking for heavily plot based action adventure games or RPG games

    I am looking for a heavily plot based games to play - examples would be the force unleashed series and Batman arkham series. games like kotor can get in the equation as well. so please RECOMMEND ME! Do not mention mass effect please.
  3. The Deco

    Plot forwarding quests in WoW?

    Hey, I don't play WoW (World of Warcraft) but I think theres plot forwarding quests, (not sure) there is this quests? Like kill the boss which appeared in Warcraft3: Reign of Chaos (Some blood elf can't remember his name) After you kill him he spawns so how come you forwarded the plot...
  4. Desmond Tiny

    A plot for revenge

    Now I've read various other topics like "How to and how not to get laid" and other such things where people posting there problems and I thought I'd have a go at a problem I've currently got and maybe someone could give me a plan for revenge on the said person or maybe a plan for me to say...
  5. Ravendust

    Half-Life 2: Plot Hole?

    At the end of Half-Life 1 you get to keep the hazard suit (the gman says 'I think you've earned it') but when you start Half-Life 2 you haven't got the hazard suit. What's more, Dr. Kliener seems to have had it the whole time and modded it up. He says 'Your old hazard suit, I see it still fits'...
  6. MONXver1.5


    There should be a section just for them. Its cramping the art section.
  7. G


    jus representin all the hardcore Final Fantasy Fans out there :tired:
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