1. PiXel

    What sa Fark? Akustika Guitar me playin? :O

    Yush, just Improvised. its a 12 sided guitar i love, though i wont hve it for long hehe, need to get my own guitar in glance back. Please dont be harsh >_< didnt played for over 6 months.
  2. R

    how do i start playin on won

    ive read the guid to doin it but its not specifix and doesent tell u how to do the thing someone plz tell me
  3. R

    how do i start playin

    i registered for the league but i dont know how to actually get in the game and start playin someone help me out plz
  4. U

    havin probs playin

    whenever i pick my character it takes me back to the desktop screen i tryed joinin a server then canceling,went in to console and it says Error: could not load file sprites/spiritbombcharge.spr Error: could not load file sprites/dust.spr Can't open modelesf/models/sphere.wrl Can't...
  5. D

    Started playin FF10 again...

    Yep..well, I got I just decided to make this sig of Auron (Legendary Guardian of Lord Braska..the High Summoner who was the most recent person to defeat Sin...bringing the latest Calm :laff: ). For 10 mins of work...and with nothing better to do...I say its OK (aside from it being...
  6. A

    Been Playin Call of Duty

    THE BEST WW2 shooter since MOHAA....mainly because it is exactly the same in so many ways.....but so much better. The Highest Difficulty settings of Veteran are UNBELIABAVLY hard.....But that make's it great. It's one of the reasons I haven't been around much. Theres so much to it...
  7. Stanz

    model command

    I expect most of you knew this but you dont actualy have to replace the models when in game you can just open up the console and type model name only seems to work when your hosting however but with custom models im not sure, Also sometimes it dosnt change you have to do model anything but...
  8. S

    plzzz help me i need a new sound file for esf!

    can any one send me the sound file for esf because my cuz downloaded a bebi vagita and it came with a sound file which hereplaced the old one with and now vagita talks in japanise can any one help me out?? thx
  9. C

    ssj3 vegeta

    i'm no modeler but i was playin around trying to learn so i did some editing ... and well here check it out oh yeh and i don't take credit for anything you see i took the hair from the ssj3 goku and edited vegeta's head alittle so credit...