1. underline

    Planetary Annihilation - A Next Generation RTS

    Planetary Annihilation! Website: Kickstarter: Planetary Annihilation is a new game that was recently announced on Kickstarter, created by many of the same...
  2. OubliezJe

    Planetary Implosion

    This is a piece im working on. It has 3 planets in it, with one exploding. It is still A WIP. so work with me. C&C are very welcome.If the image doesnt work try this link. heres an updated version this is Version 3 of it so far.
  3. Death The Jedi

    Planetary Desctruction FINAL

    Final version. Won't be updated unless someone gives an extremley well thought out crit, and I think what they say will make it look better.
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