1. SS4 Gogeta

    Mysterious place or places you'd like to visit

    Whether it be Stonehenge, The Bermuda Triangle or any other mysterious place youve heard or know about on Earth, where would you like to visit? This place would be pretty close to the top for me.
  2. K


    ey, 1 question: can u use half life opposing force for ESF 1.2.3?? 2 question: when i tried clicked on da icon on da desktop and the other ESF icons it came up with half life?? plz help i really want to play it i really wanna
  3. A

    Places to host your jpg stuff.

    I thought this should go in artwork because IMO I think there's more artwork makers. Anyway's here's a few I know:
  4. Damaera

    Places to host your jpg stuff.

    I thought this should go in artwork because IMO I think there's more artwork makers. Anyway's here's a few I know:
  5. DragonDude


    Making this map for a mod I'm in. (You might have seen Shadow's eb_twoson, they're for the same mod :smile: ) For those of you who have played the game, you'll know it's the Monotoli Building in Fourside. Those of you who haven't played EarthBound... play it damnit! :D The pics are taken from...
  6. T

    SsJ4 GoHaN DoNe 1.1

    well heres the first gohan ssj4 ill be released pretty soon. EnGoY :laff: .
  7. D

    Places you have travelled?

    I someday hope to retrace my global steps, and travel to all those places I once experienced habitually so long ago . . . so that I might experience them in wonder now. Faced with this list, however, I realise what a daunting task such an undertaking would be: Switzerland England Wales...
  8. Yazuken

    My new mapping website!

    Hey, ive created a new website called ESP (Earth's special places) where people can download maps and submit there own to the map section, it also contains mapping tutorials and information. Check it out, tell me what you think :laff:
  9. Death The Jedi


    My 3rd bryce image.. kinda odd.. I know, it's my least favoirte out of the 3 I've made.. but whaddya think?
  10. S

    model sites ?

    I know that there maybe have been some threads like this but... Do any1 know more places to download models from than: Red saiyan ???
  11. N

    Anyone interested??

    If any mappers has nothing to do, or getting bored, can anyone make a map for my clan?? I'll let him/her join in return... Here's the map description: - Sunny day (bright) - a reskin of esf_afm - but with out the mountains and towers - instead put the bridges on the same places and...
  12. T

    TheWasp Wallpaper Thread

    Ok This is my first time EVER making wallpapers, So bare that in mind when you comment about my work (Please be gentle :)).Go here to check out the wallpaper. Critz and Comments Please. Thanks. P.S. I made it to be used on my desktop. ;)
  13. S

    how do i turn a ms3d file in to a mdl file plz help me

    hi peeps i have editoed a model ( because i carnt model to save my life lol) and i dont no how to turn it into a mdl file can any one help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  14. A

    Critz on my new siggy

    Well.. I made a new sig... this is my 4th sig and i am a HUGE!!! n00b in photoshop... but here it g0se. soo... is it good 2 use? :rolleyes: // zion
  15. M

    A glitch in the models!

    ive noticed in some maps... ( like rosat) that the characters in some places of the map turn all black! I was playing one time and all of a sudden my character is just black. Im not sure what is wrong with it.. if its just me... but if its not ? maybe fix that:p Does that happen to anyone else?
  16. V

    FGD file ?

    :cry: Ummm, don't i need a FGD file to start mapping, if "yes" were do i get it ?O_O
  17. S

    Wallpaper sukkaH!

    created out of boredom... anywho, check it
  18. owa

    Flash Video Question

    dfkdgvhjslakghldjkfhgjkldahjklhgdjhgjklsjsdhfsdjklhkgjasdhgfklsdjgfsdjkhgsdkfjlhgdsjk Hey, How do you make a flash video. I have Flash 5 and I made it but I can't figure out where to host it. Or am I suppose to save it as a .gif or somthing... please help
  19. P

    judge and spin......

    where did u get those HIGH AS HELL quality pics for ur sigs?
  20. Deverz


    im thinking of having a go at making sigs but i need to know wheres a good places to get pics to put on sigs