1. J

    PK3 To MDL?

    Hi is it possible to convert a quake 3 model like a bid for power model to mdl format for esf?
  2. S

    is there a way to decompile a PK3 file in milkshape??

    like the title says can any one help me?
  3. Hawki_ice


    Ok i have a gunblade thats a.pk3 file from Quake (i did not make it) Can any one convert it 2 a 3D studio model or something or change it 2 a HL usabile model! If u can you'll have 2 give me your e-mail cause my servers bung! thanx
  4. T


    Umm, how do you open pk3 files? or even skin it ; like do you use Adobe Photoshop or something?
  5. SSJ n00b


    how to open a pk3 file like jedi outcast and quake 3 arena and what tutorials i need
  6. N

    new map

    Ok, i maded a new map in 2 days of time for quake 3 arena. im not experienced in easygen so the rocks are ****ed up ^^ also remember its my 1st actual playable map :) download: also it AINT for H-L its for Quake 3 peace out