1. G

    Arise, Kamokuken!(slightly big picture)

    I haven't been to this place since hector was a puppy. So many new faces and so much improvement in 3d/2d works, it's just... crazy >.<. Well, I pretty much died out of the modding community for a year or two(playing WoWarcrack and other meaningless things >.>, like women). So I decided to...
  2. veqeta

    Is This the right HALF LIFE 1 for esf (picture included to help)

    i just wanted to know if this was the right half life for esf i got the picture of it right here.
  3. F

    A man takes a picture of himself everyday for 6 years..

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=6B26asyGKDo shows the effect of time...
  4. Skyrider

    Post your picture!

    I'm sure i saw this kind of thread before, but can't find it. Anyway, here's my new picture i just took. And yea, for those who lack in brains. It's me :P: Me and my girlfriend:
  5. Robby

    Gif Picture fun!

    Alright, seeing as the internet has become a high point of media stealing and other tid bits of interesting stuff made by people, let see some Gifs that you racked up. Seriously, lets see some internet gems, and also, let it only be GIFS, the occasional still picture is ok, but make it primarily...
  6. |Overlord|

    The Picture game

    Well,Here is what you do. Find a picture you think that describes a forum user and what you know about them and what not. I'll start it off This is Zeonix. Do a picture for the person that psots before you. Up top is jsut a little example. Now paly O/.
  7. A

    Found a funny picture

    I was just watching dbz again and I saw this http://img511.imageshack.us/full.php?image=untitled5rd.gif
  8. Andreyesf

    In the next picture of the week

    I wonder what you guys want in the next picture of the week I want to see THE GRAB or ssj 2 gohan...OR a picture of the new MELEE SYSTEM :). Ok i make a Poll and you chose :)
  9. GoldenBlade

    Frieza 3 Form picture

    sometime ago i saw a picture of the esf 1.3 frieza 3rd form but now the only thing about him is the face picture on gallery. Can someone tell were can i find the full body picture that i saw sometime ago, the one where we could see his cutted tail.
  10. Growler

    Suggestions w/ picture

    falling back on my previous idea... I think that the beams that collide in a PS should amass into one big ball... Anyway, I have a lot of changes i'd like you guys to make :)
  11. Robby

    The Edit Picture w/ Photoshop and post it again thread

    Long thread name I know :x Anyway the point of this 'game' is take one picture from guy1, edit in photshop, then post back on the forums. then guy2 will take the exact same picture that guy1 posted and make another edit in it. It's very simple once you know. Ok here's the pic: My edit...
  12. S

    Arcane - 1st Beta Picture

    Hi guys just thought I'd show you the first beta I've shown off regarding Arcane. Some of you may remember the dude from the modelling competition 3 hes in there. There are bugs galore so suggest stuff but don't make it obvious errors lol such as, bounding spheres, characters are miles in...
  13. imkongkong

    Funny picture comic thread

    one comic per post pls!
  14. D

    picture links to sites?

    how can i put a link on a picture? so if u click on the picture instead of going to imageshak it goes to the site i want. i beleive that's it. TY in advance.
  15. J

    funny picture thread.

    1 at a time please (as in, only post 1 picture at a time).
  16. Kaination

    Some picture i drew in comp/keyboardin

    Yeah, Im the fastest typer in computer keyboarding, so naturally when we gotta type something, i finish and I have some spare time. What do I come up with? Hell, aint the best, but gotta admit its better then my exploding penis... LOL crappy scanner ftw o/ c&c, I need to know what I...
  17. Mr. Satans

    Guild Wars Picture Thread

    By the way, I just started playing Guild Wars yesterday [08/19/05] :P I don't have any screens (YET) of me and my friend after the destruction, but I will soon! <center>CLICK THE SCREENSHOT FOR MORE! </center>
  18. D

    what's wrong with this picture?

    let's see how smart you are >=) http://fun.sdinet.de/flash/whatswrong.swf
  19. Graive

    milkshape background picture

    hey guys im having trouble with my refs im using to model and i notice this is one thing tutroials never talk about how do i align all my ref in each window so the verticies are in the correct spot on all windows and not just one...
  20. ~*Logan*~

    Picture of the Week

    I don't think saying "WTF" is enough to describe the utter confusion I have when looking at this picture. O_o