1. E

    Picollo And , Cell special attacks- cell saga.

    In dragon ball z cell saga , picollo fighting against no.17 , then cell is show up , and try to absorb no.17 - that's the first suggestion , i mean cell can absorb people to take the power from people or androids , its would to be cool. Picollo did some STRONG attack in this episode , cell is...
  2. B


    Same deal as Goku and Nappa, Im well aware that his head is not attached, and his chest is separated from his arms and legs
  3. john_volkov

    transfomation for Picollo , Kurilin,and androyds

    I sugest for this two guys to have more teah 1 transformation i sugest this ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Picolo(whit cape) normal form speed 180 Picolo (no cape) asscendet form p.m. 1.5x speed 275 (more speed) Picolo (power up) asscending form...
  4. F

    picollo's special beam cannon and goku's spirit bomb...

    i think that the special beam cannon(sbc) move cant be blocked,if two or more enemyes r in the same line,sbc should damage them all...the first enemy shoul get max damage,the second should get some handicap on the damage,the third should get less damage than the second one and so on...the move...
  5. HaLLiS

    picollo's scatter shot

    Ive noticed tht in esf when u fire scatter shot the ki blasts keep movin and dont "pause" in the air like they do in the show, i reckon they should make it so that wen u fire the scatter shot they go a certain distance then pause and wait till u hit right click , what do you guys thnk?
  6. M

    Picollo finished 100%

    ty Kurt 4 hosting \o/ I would update my dev journal with this but I forgot my password.. >_< anyway, theres he is 1450 polies :)
  7. N

    NEW picollo attack

    Im not sure if this has been suggested but ive seen picollo use it before and i believe he has it in dbz video games. I dont know wat its called but its a cool attack. It would work by charging it up then he relases it. It would look like the pulsating kamehameha charge. Sorry but i dont have...
  8. Z

    Picollo WIP .

    Well, I decided to do smos Picollo . Since I haven't been skinnin for a while, I think I'm starting to sink a bit . Imo the skin looks bad, But however, critts welcome .. Also the rules for the model : DO NOT CLONE , DO NOT COPY AND DO NOT USE AS REFFERANCE . Thnx
  9. Q

    Picollo's SBC

    I dunno If this was already mentioned before, but what the hey.. Picollo's special beam cannon should be considered a ONE-HIT kill. It also should look more like a drill! (make it smaller!) And, instead of exploding, IT SHOULD GO THROUGH (like the disc) Because in the anime, it is a...
  10. B

    check out dis

    check out dis
  11. D


    I have a question? In the Show Picollo can make a mouthblast or something like that right? Why inst the mouthblast for picollo in the game? thx!
  12. Wuying Ren

    Small Piccolo Skinedit

    I made a small skin edit. I added the lines on his arms and made his suit more like that http://incolor.inebraska.com/jbkucera/Christian/piccolo2.jpg
  13. [SoB]-Bones-

    Picollo using Spirit Bomb ...

    Yes u heard right ... there is a way to let any character perform attacks of other character ... u just have to find the 7 dragonballs and to wish immortality ... in the moment u became immortal , just change your character ... and the model will change but the attacks will be the same like the...
  14. K

    my gohan model

    i made a gohan model with the picollo cape, i cant post any pics, got nowhere to host. umm i really suck at skinning, can anyone give me sum tips on unwrapping and making the skin look real? thx
  15. M

    Gohan and Picollo

    skinned by me :) my friend yorkes gohan.
  16. M


    watchasthink :S?
  17. ultrassj_vegeta

    question about the piccolo model

    will the piccolo model hav his cape?
  18. G

    questions about picollo and cell in beta 1

    can they regenerate themselves? maybe the can regenerate 10 hp per life because they r namek (ok cell have got cells of namek's)
  19. D

    the new picoollo

    i know its hard to model...but the new model of piccollo isn't correct! -is torso is too small -his legs are too long -his antenna are too square and it supossed to be more in the middle of the forehead. -the ear dont start enough high there r too low ...thats all ... the skin...
  20. Deverz

    Picollo's eye lazer

    if you use the eye lazer then power up while still firing and hold down fire the eye lazer stays there but it doesnt do any damage to anyone who pases though it but it passes though them