1. S

    wheres blue sayjin site

    where is that bluesayjin site??!?!?!
  2. S

    super saiyan 4 pack

    Who have? super saiyan 4 pack
  3. T

    The Namek???

    What ever happen to the namek skin were he wuss battke damaged .Y do you modelers start a model but dont finish it?
  4. R

    3d studio max..

    Heh, I have alot of experience in modeling with milkshape .. i was wondering if 3d studio max is the same? cuz I downloaded it .. I need some tutorials for it, i looked for ages and found none, can any gimme a hand?
  5. Yazuken

    a good question i have about Textures/Wads.

    I was just wondering. if you use your own textures/wads in one of your levels will everyone else be able to see the textures when they join your game? or do they have to go download the wad somewhere?
  6. D

    have someone an vegetto fore me

    help have someone an veggeto fore me
  7. W

    real adult gohan suit.....

    look at this gohan model: u can download it from here: now look at this gohan: look at the suit of those 2 models...
  8. S

    SSJ Adult Gohan, anyone have it?

    Does anyone have this skin with sounds? seems to be done, i was linked to that from another page which posted a lot of esf skins . .anyway, I really liked how saiyaman looked, if anyone have it please let me know! :)
  9. Z

    3dsmax tutorails

    dosu anny one of you know tutorails for 3dsmax and s bolt u said : "search is your friend" he maybe my friend but he shows no tutorails :S
  10. K

    Hey People's!

    Hey Im new to the forums, so if i do something wrong dont get mad, get glad! hehe...sorry, anyways i was wondering if there were any gohan models when he fights cell and hes got the pointy hair and the electric aura and stuff! Well if there is for 1.1, can u put the link on the forum for me...
  11. SSJ 4 Vegito

    SSJ 4 Vegito

    please somebody make a GT Trunks model like in Dragonball GT in jacket transforms in to ssj trunks without jacket
  12. SSJ 4 Vegito

    SSJ 4 Vegito

    please somebody make a GT Trunks model
  13. S

    its another one from my friend YO

    it be called yo i wonder why
  14. Z

    Modell Request ..

    Well, It's a modell I'd personally like to have .. It's Van Fanelia from Escaflowne .. The modell is not to be undero 2000 polys, and I can do the mesh (skinmapp) myself .. However , if anyone helps me out , I'll make him a skinning video ;x . (shows my work) . Some referances can be found...
  15. U

    af models to do

    O_O this models someone has to do because there so cool here they are
  16. S

    does anyone know of a touritial for this?

    OK, im in desperate need of a tutorial of how to make a train using the halflife deathmatch .fdg I have been trying every setup i possible could, here is my current setup, if any of you know about this, and can point out an error in my setup, PLEASE do! train: Func_tracktrain name: truck...
  17. JM LE FOU

    post you oozaru model here!

    evrybody are busy to make models of buu or vegita what about the oozaru model?? in bfp (dbz quake 3 mod) you can play with the normal oozaru ,ssj oozaru and babe oozaru. so please make a oozaru for the esf !! i search pics of oozaru from the show...
  18. T

    Any new piccolos

    Any one no if a new piccolo model is going to be out?I no this has been asked 100 times but wuss just wanting to no.And not a skin with cape one thats more bigger not so skinny one that makes him look strounger.
  19. G

    Another Question About Milckshape 3D!!

    Hi! I got another question about Milckshape 3D! how do I use the Face button???
  20. Z

    Vegeta .. Host ?

    Uhm, I'd like to get this hosted :/ . I'm gonna release it .. (Crits not welcome, I won't redo anything) The boots are from the originall one (I'm to lazy) and MR_Smo is the one that edited my head and did the upper back part. Thank u smo :) .. That's it .. I'd like someone to host it...