1. Rayna

    Ph34r teh nail bunneh

    PH34R IT!
  2. TeKNiK

    ph34r Kuwa's new sig..

    ph34r teh chibi kuwa everyone I've showed so far has asked if I used my splash for the letters ;( nope I didnt i just did some random brushing only its the same color. critz/comments btw please excurse the pixily edges
  3. S

    hl.exe problem works fine for everyother server but [ph34r] server :(

    everytime i go to this server [ph43r] it says error hl.exe what do i do
  4. Darkside

    mspaint work

    i was bored so drew a guy on MSPaint
  5. U

    Ph34r m3 bi4tch3s

    Ph34r m3 bi4tch3s cause im 1 Ub3r L337 m0f0 and ill r0x0r in ur b0x0r:devgrin:
  6. Mr. Satans

    [ph34r] Clan Server [UPDATE]

    The [ph34r] Clan Server Will Be Up On Weekdays 9pm - 2:15pm EST. The Server Will Run Admin-Mod v2.50.50 & MetaMod v1.14.1 & Will Be Dedicated. The reason for this is because METAMOD was FINALLY updated & because I can't stay up all night playing Dark Ages anymore :p So be looking for...
  7. R@!D3R

    [ph34r] Tournament [ph34r] Clan Server JOIN IT NOW.. Its 11:00 pm eastern time.... esf_neotournament_d Download it at And come on in.. Its a tournament 1 v 1 music and everything will be there...
  8. Mr. Satans

    [ph34r] Recruitment

    Now That Winter Vacation Has Begun, [ph34r] Will Be Recruiting Almost Full-Time. To Join You Must Pass The Tryout Tests Which May Or May Not be Easy -- Depends. Anyways You Will Need Stribbs_Budouki Which You Can Pick Up Over @ Red Saiyan Mod Resources (I Know It's For DMZ But The Server...
  9. Mr. Satans

    [ph34r] ESF v1.0b Server

    [ph34r] Clan Server IP: May Not Be The Fastest Server (Cuz It's Not) But We Do Have Alotta Good Times & We Don't Limit Ourselves To ESF Maps.
  10. D

    ph34r virus has made it way into esf..

    well just getting back from the 3rd server now with the anoying "virus" i might as well post this too everyone just incase, it seams 1 or possibly more dragonmod z players have somehow managed to infect there own esf servers with this file spammer called ph34r, however its very easy to get rid...
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