1. Nuttzy

    super evil beast lookin thing

    well, i got bored and i remembered an old fusion i made up called berceolo, (burter and piccolo, and i started building him, but when i got done with teh head, i just said screw it and made him something new, i dont plan on finishing him but id any of you do ill give you the ms3d
  2. B0Bmaster40000

    PFW: Seikan's Downfall

    pfw is still goin! wooo! go have a look at the updates on our site, the link should be in my sig. But what i wanted to stick in here was the background story im writing to go with the new character Seikan. It's only a short story, and ive done 2 chapters so far. Have a look Here! Tell me wot u...
  3. B0Bmaster40000

    pfw logo

    what do you guys think of this new logo i made for my metroid pack?