1. Alteh


    I've been workin on this all morning....and thank you orion the ideas and comments :). and ruineren for the name :). Im still open to comments and ideas for this. Anything to help will be apreciated.
  2. RoshkoMasta

    Pause bugs

    if I have less then 5 hp, and the game is paused then my ki will continue dropping even if the game is paused also in adv. melee, the arrows (that are shown for me to press on - while Im fghiting some1 in adv. melee) will become random if already pressed by my opponent in adv. melee but not...
  3. P

    About Pause

    why dont you remove it from the game...people abuse it in Devil...again....they just keep pausing the game over and over and over....making it impossible to play
  4. Majin_You

    Notice - WonID's

    Derived from the Devil Information Thread is the following list of WonID's. Please add them to your autoexec.cfg file to ban the WonID's that Devil and/or other crashers have been known to use. ------------------------------------------------- Name(s) Associated with Server Crashers (Past...
  5. ultrassj_vegeta


    i do realise some bits are screwd up... however im too lazy to fix them at this stage... the mistakes shall be done when i have feedback on what to change... crits.. thnx u!
  6. K

    Super Sayian 2 models

    hey guys, i was just wondering how your going to do the ssj2 models for all the sayians. coz i was just thinking back to half-life single player (boy! thats was a long time ago!!!) and Opposing force, and i remeber then electrisitic, you know in half-life when your about to pick up the crowbar...