1. nikolassj

    The patience is weak within you people

    Am more or less new on this forum and am already tired of people attacking the devs and stuff. Remember this is an free modification in which they spend their free time,go read the history of ESF its 10 old years or so. Why not have hope? They already released an stable ESF 1.2.3 which is...
  2. Deman

    Test of patience.

    Post in this thread from your cellular phone
  3. S

    ssj4 vegeta compiling

    hi there i need some help i want that ssj4 vegeta and gt vegeta for 1.1 (u can find it on redsaiyan) but i dont know how to compile it for 1.1 so i wonder if someone of u modelers or someone can compile it for me? seeya.
  4. S

    Tutorials for milkshape wanted!

    Hi im starting to model, im alright, but i want 2 noe more so is there any one out there who can like give me a tutorial for making a dragonball z carachter? if u can pm please! p.s sorry bout my speelling!
  5. Packed Lunch

    mighty mask request!~

    the one wit goten and trunks and so on.. :D$!$!%