1. Skyrider

    Mobile Convo's - Join the party.

    Anyone using it? Using Whatsapp? Viber? etc? If so, share your mobile number through a PM so I can add you on my phone so I can stalk you. ;)
  2. Deathshot

    The Rent Is Too Damn High Party This is the best party ever.
  3. D

    Steam accuses me of not having installed esf (Thirdy Party MOD)

    Are you using Steam? -> Yes, and i have bought a half life copy from steam store. Are you using version 1.2.3 of ESF? -> Yes, and is the stable version, not the open beta. What i need to solve this problem?:cry: I took a ss in to help you understand my problem:
  4. elcor

    New video of my party in my ville

    hi guys i made new video this time isnt anime is me and my friends in the party of my ville.i hope you like and enjoy.i used sony vetgas 7 and movie make also i used photoshop for make croma key in the photos.coment and critics are welcome. <object...
  5. Damaera

    ESF Diablo III Announcement Party

    Anyone up for this? We'll be playing Lord of Destruction, and we'll probably need 16 people or more. My name is on both because I'll pick which one I want to participate in. More than 16 people are free to sign up. US West Damaera nuttzy - - - - - - US East Damaera nuttzy Barney - - - - -...
  6. Avenger

    Worms World Party

    Me and -Origin were wondering if anybody else had this awesome game, as we've (well, at least me) have recently started playing over Hamachi. So, would anyone be willing to play it with us? =o It's fairly cheap if you don't have it. It has potential for a lot of fun. Tournaments, tag-team and...
  7. Mr.Lukyas

    What a hell is 3rd mod party

    When I want to join a game in STEAM, this poops up! What is it?
  8. S

    HELP!! 3rd Mod party

    Hi i have a big problem !! When i try to connect to the server ESF display there show me this sentense You do not have this 3rd party mod installed !!:cry: HELP
  9. Dark89

    LAN Problems! Need Help!!! LAN PARTY ON SUNDAY!!!

    ok lets see, i have this problem when i try to connect two machines ok i create the game and when i try to join with the other machine i get an error "VALVE validation rejected" so what the ..... is that!!! its happens the same with NT Mod, but it dosent happent with CS or Half-Life, is there a...
  10. Phobius

    A video of a final fantasy XII midnight release party Alright this video deserves a thread just by itself but I was looking around you tube and came across this and just start laughing how many idiots actually go to these midnight parties. :P
  11. kenny-DK

    Third party mod?

    I have bin thinking about it for some time, but I just cant figured it out.. When I open up steam, and pres "My games" under ESF developer it says third-party.. What dos it mean?
  12. |Overlord|

    What games do you play at a lan party?

    Title says all. WHat games do you usually end up playying if you go to a lan party?. When my brother decides to chuck a lan party we will usually end up playying Generals/Zero Hour, AOE3, Desert Combat & NFS Most Wanted. When I go to other lans i'll usually end up playying CS Source, Zero Hour &...
  13. Denominator

    Party Poster V2

    Hey guys.. After the first party me and my friends had, the first poster was quite a challenge to surpass it's sexyness. However. I unveil to you final product of the last 3 hours of my life. I do admit I stole the picture of the beach/ocean/palm trees off of various sources, but the girl is...
  14. Grega

    Party ad DragonDudes place!! Have a good one :p Also have a cake Ill let the next guy bring the chicks and beer :p
  15. Denominator

    Party Poster

    Made a simple and clean cut poster, some mixing of effects and textures on the girl, the city and simple flames to put text into perspective.. Any strong topics of concern before I go print 300 copies of these things for flyers and posters? :) By the way, artists of Esf, what the hell happened...
  16. Denz

    After party pics...

    Contains nudity in some of them (maybe 5%) so enter at your own will! has some realy nasty and funny ones also if its breaking some rules please remove the link *Removed* man....damn funny! edit well I did the best I could
  17. T


    Ok i hope to get the ball rolling again in these dusty parts of the forum. Therefore i'm launching the: "MEGA COOL ULTRA RANDOM DRAWING THREAD"!!!! ... ehm yeah. for all your drawing and artistic needs. If you want to draw something, anything at all, grab your pencil, do it and post it...
  18. Volosity

    Party Anyone?

    "I DO!!!!!, Jus a Ltl Zip...." this kid is my hero XD Post your funny pics here!
  19. KidMan

    ESF Party!

    Ok this is probably the dumbest idea ever but it just came to me. ESF Party. You pick a charcter and you play mini games just like Mario Party! This would probably be a mode you could play. And I don't have a clue what the mini games would be. I assume someone could come up with some awesome ideas.
  20. B

    ESF:source,made by a thrid party?

    half-life one got transferred to source with no modifications whatssoever to its graphics, it just had source natural fetures, like reflective water, so could people in the commutity(us) make an esf source, with same graphics but on the source engine? Yall might say its not worth it for...
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